Digital Asset Risk Platform

What we're doing

Cloudwall recognises sophisticated risk management is paramount to investors and an institutional-grade risk management platform is critical to help them systematize their view of digital assets as exposures grow.

Our solution, Serenity, is a cloud-based platform which allows Portfolio Managers to run a variety of risk models and have a clear view of their risks, enabling investors to decide which risks they want to get exposure to and which ones to hedge.

Risk Attribution

  • Break down your portfolio risk by assets, sectors and factors using the Serenity Factor Risk Model for digital assets

Scenario Analysis

  • Break down losses by assets & factors
  • Use our full library of historical crypto scenarios to stress test your portfolio
  • Build custom scenario

VaR Analysis

  • VaR and CVaR (a.k.a. Expected Shortfall) based on advanced historical simulations
  • VaR components by instrument
  • Gain measures to understand upside


  • Price listed & OTC BTC / ETH options
  • Price multi-leg option strategies
  • Run risk slides on spot, volatility & rates


  • Near real-time position updates
  • 7 spot/derivatives exchanges
  • 9 blockchain wallets, Copper and Fireblocks


  • 130+ cryptoassets & stableassets
  • Spot, futures, perpetuals and options

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Use Serenity’s risk models to decompose risks in your portfolio.
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